Mommy’s Business 101

Welcome to Mommy’s Business 101. Here you will meet my family of 6; my husband and I and my 4 amazing kids. There’s never a dull moment in our household as we navigate through our lives. You will learn how we as a family apply business techniques to most aspects of our lives.

I graduated with a MBA from George Washington University in 2015. While I was completing my coursework, I began to notice the similarities between businesses and households. I noticed that a household is somewhat structured like a business or a corporation. Revenue comes in from your employment, and there are various costs that have to be managed. We allocate budgets toward vacations, purchases and other expenses. Since then we have started to apply relevant business techniques to manage our household. We have even applied these techniques to our lives to gain efficiency and be more effective. We have simplified the business techniques to meet our needs and use what’s useful to us.

From budgeting, to project management, to value statements and transparency in our lives, we are introducing these business techniques to our children. Our children readily accept them because they find them simple and useful. We use business techniques that are used by companies everywhere, because let’s face it, a household is the most important company we will ever have the privilege to be a part of.

Come join us as we show you how we use simplified business techniques to run a more efficient and effective household.

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